Billionaire Girl Boss

In the midst of the craziness occurring in 2020 Gislaina began Billionaire Girl Boss, a company dedicated to educating both men and women on financial literacy, and business. Rather than choosing the name “Girl Boss” Gislaina added the word “Billionaire” to convey the level of commitment, and tenacity required to become one. The name is also is inspiring, and Gislaina hopes to motivate her community to reach for higher and higher to achieve their goals.

  • The Importance of Financial Literacy

    Unlike Math, and English the subject of  Financial literacy isn’t something that most of us learned in school. Unfortunately for most of us this topic wasn’t even something we learned at home. This however shouldn’t stop us from still wanting to learn about this topic. Our past may have been shaped by poor financial decisions; however financial literacy can best shape our present, and future.

  • Short Term Rental Business

    Short term rentals are the fastest growing sector of hospitality, and real estate. In 2020 Billionaire Girl Boss and her partner decided to start a Real Estate company offering Property Management, and Consulting to aspiring entrepreneurs in the  Short Term Rental market all while hosting their own units, and dominating in their market.

  • Personal Finance and Investing

    It’s often said one source of income is too close to having no source of income.  In 2020 we were all shown how unreliable certain  jobs could be. We found it so important to have multiple  sources of income to supplement our 9-5 income. We learned how credit works, and ultimately were opened up to the world of investing, and business.